Shadows of the "colonial age": Melilla

This morning a friend of mine shared a video that astounded me to the core. As expressed in the picture above, it turns out that Europe's most heavily fortified border is on the continent of Africa. This is due to the fact that a piece of Morocco somehow is still the property of the Spanish government. It's a city called Melilla. And even though Yemenis manage to cross the border with relative ease, "sub-Saharan Africans" (which you should read as BLACK Africans) can not and often risk injury, imprisonment, or death seeking opportunity and refuge on the other side of the walls and wires.
It's hard to fathom that such an uncouth vestige of the "colonial age" still exists in 2018, but it does. Check the video below to learn more...
H. Pace
The Free Breakfast Movement
**EDITOR'S NOTE: It is vital that we stay abreast of the experiences of Black people worldwide. Doing so will help us to appreciate the access and resources (though limited compared to other American demographics) that many of our brothers and sisters worldwide do not have. We must leverage this access and these resources to create opportunity for one another and I hope that exposing our readership to stories like this inspires someone to pick up the gauntlet of self-determination and carry it toward our collective empowerment.

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