All Power to the People Zip Hoodie
All Power to the People Zip Hoodie

All Power to the People Zip Hoodie

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All Power to the People Zip Hoodie

"All power to the people!" These words were a rallying cry for the often misunderstood Black Panther Party. Due to aggressive media misrepresentation, and the efforts of the U.S. government's Counter Intelligence Program, most people are only familiar with their iconic garb and aggressive rhetoric. However, what's less known is the fact that they set up AT LEAST 13 free health clinics. In the 1970s. They also went door to door offering free sickle cell anemia screenings to impoverished African American people well before it was widely known that African Americans were especially susceptible to the disease. And of course, not a single school in America would offer breakfast in the morning if it weren't for the Panthers. We honor their legacy with this garment.

  • Printed on premium textiles
  • Unisex sizing (ladies should size down e.g. if you wear a medium, choose a small)
  • Machine wash cold
  • Tagless size/care instructions

By Free Breakfast Apparel

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