Higher Learning Hoodie - JillisBlack
Higher Learning Hoodie - JillisBlack
Higher Learning Hoodie - JillisBlack

Higher Learning Hoodie - JillisBlack

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Higher Learning Hoodie

It's hard to overstate the havoc that the "War on Drugs", the "War on Crime", "Law and Order" politricks, and Mass Incarceration has wreaked on the Black community. We could talk about it for hours but suffice it to say that it is unfounded, purposefully designed, and explicitly intended on exploiting marginalized people (especially Black people) while simultaneously maintaining an American underclass. (Learn more HERE)

Luckily, there are brave people who are pushing back against this monstrous crime against humanity. Among them are the The Decarceration Collective, a talented aggregation of lawyers, community organizers, policy analysts, and crisis managers headquartered here in Chicago dedicated to dismantling mass incarceration (among other things).

We learned about this amazing group of people through our sister @JillisBlack. Jill is a writer, facilitator/lecturer, and community activist dedicated to effectuating substantive change (learn more HERE). She recently helped us design this piece and through our collaboration we hope to attract attention and resources to the Decarceration Collective's work to strengthen and empower our communities through practical and effective action. **

**Additionally, a significant portion of the money raised through the sale of this garment will be donated to the Decarceration Collective. This fundraiser is being spearheaded by @JillisBlack and we here at the Free Breakfast Movement are excited to support her in this endeavor and proud that she chose us for this important work.

  • Unisex sizing (ladies should size down e.g. if you normally wear a medium, choose a small)
  • Machine wash cold
  • Tagless size/care instructions
  • Available in multiple colors*
*Custom colors available upon request...
    By Free Breakfast Apparel & @JillisBlack